May 2016

travel to sulawesi indonesia

Travel to Sulawesi Indonesia

If you love photography, flora and fauna, natural charms, you have to travel to Sulawesi Indonesia. It has two enticing national parks, Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve and Lore Lindu National Park. The first one is…

travel to makassar indonesia

Travel to Makassar Indonesia

Travel to Makassar, Indonesia and enjoy the hectic of the biggest city in Sulawesi. You can do many things in this city, including tasting the most delicious foods in Indonesia, Coto Makassar and Konro Soup….

travel to papua indonesia

Travel to Papua Indonesia

You experience kayaking in Cheow Lan Lake may be your best travel memory. But, that might be the best because you haven’t experienced traveling to Raja Ampat, Papua. Have you heard of Raja Ampat? The…

go to borneo

Let’s Go to Borneo

There are many reasons to go to Borneo, but the main focus is about exploring the virgin jungle, cruising the wide rivers, greet the orangutan real natural habitat and meet Dayak tribes. Only in Indonesia…