June 2016

best honeymoon destinations 2016

Best Honeymoon Destinations 2016

Time after time best honeymoon destinations 2016 are searched by honeymooners to be. Honeymoon is an important part of your wedded life. It is a celebration of your love, a symbol of your new life….

trip for honeymoon

Trip for Honeymoon Ideas

Where will you go for your trip for honeymoon? And, why do you choose the destination? KomunitasTravel.org have great places to think of if you haven’t dropped your choice in anywhere. These places are world’s…

budget travel advice in lombok

Budget Travel Advice in Lombok

Lombok is included into most travelers’ itineraries, especially for those who have explored Bali. If Bali is a bit overflowing, Lombok, on the other side, is a bit calm and tranquil. It’s a perfect getaway,…

budget travel advice in Yogyakarta

Budget Travel Advice in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta offers dirt cheap travel accommodations, providing you know where to find it. But, overall living cost in Yogyakarta is actually cheaper than any other big cities in Indonesia. Let’s just check out what budget…