Amazing Travel Jakarta

Travel Jakarta

We would discuss only about the amazing travel Jakarta experience. We won’t fulfill your brain with the downsides of the bustling capital. We want to picture the city in a good way, a city which is enjoyable to everyone from every corner of the world.

City sights

Head to Merdeka Square, Monas, Cathedral Jakarta, Istiqlal Mosque. Those are the landmarks of Jakarta. Go to the northern Jakarta to enjoy Old Batavia, snap many of interesting views, visit Sunda Kelapa Port, and finally eat fresh seafood.

Food stalls

Jakarta is a modern city. Of course, it has 5-star restaurants and international-class hotels and professional cooks, but you should not miss the unforgettable taste of the city’s street foods. The food stalls you find on the edge of the streets offer many kinds of Indonesian’s traditional foods, not only Batavian foods, but also Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese foods, and many other foods from all parts of Indonesia.

You can dine with the locals after wandering through the residential lanes south of Kebon Sirih. There is a place known as Kebon Sirih Culinary Center. It has abundant foods to try. A row of foodstalls offer cheap, freshly cooked food from across the country. You can eat fried rice, satay, rendang, soto, and many other delicious Indonesian foods.

If by chance you don’t stay in Kebon Sirih area, don’t worry, you still can eat at a Culinary Center. Each district in Jakarta has its Culinary Center. Most of them offer foods from across the region.

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Jalan Jaksa

This is the most popular street in Jakarta among backpackers and travelers. You can find plenty of restaurants and bars along nearby Jalan Jaksa and its surrounds. Jalan Jaksa is located in Kebon Sirih District, Menteng, Central Jakarta. It’s closed to Monas and the other attractions in the city. Jalan Jaksa is a small path along 400 meters, which is full of low-priced hotels and bars. Here you can easily meet other backpackers from all over the world.

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