Amazing Travel Yogyakarta

Travel Yogyakarta

How to make your travel Yogyakarta amazing? Well, before we get into the topic, we should let you know that Yogyakarta isn’t as amazing as Bali, Lombok, or any other eastern Indonesia areas whose beautiful beaches are worshipped by true travelers. Yogyakarta keeps its uniqueness, however. The city town is crazily hectic.

Yogyakarta and the youth

It has hundreds of colleges where students from all over Indonesia come to study. That’s why Yogyakarta seems to be always crowded, hectic, busy, and “young.” It becomes one part of the uniqueness then. The youth knows how to make the city looks attractive. They are creative agent who takes part in coloring the cheerful atmosphere of the city. They often hold attractive events and invite people from its surrounds to come.

Travel Yogyakarta

Java Culture

Yogyakarta is a kingdom. It has a king, palace, forts, and many other traditional establishments. Their king is crowned as the governor of Yogyakarta. The king doesn’t only govern administratively, but also lead the maintenance of the Javanese arts and cultures in the region. Javanese artists are everywhere. Traditional dancing performance is held often at certain spots.

You have to come to check out the traditional establishments, the ceremonies, and the attractive events!


Prawirotaman is the most ideal place to stay for backpackers or travelers. Why? Here you will meet fellow travelers from all around the world. Like Jalan Jaksa in Jakarta, Prawirotaman is located at the most convenient place. From here you can go anywhere in Yogyakarta easily. It has bookstores, art galleries, and most importantly, comfortable, cheap, and unique guesthouses!

Eat at Angkringan

Food stalls are everywhere. Eat like young Yogyakartans, drink kopi joss ( a cup of coffee with flaming charcoal), and enjoy the fried snacks, traditional dishes, such as gudeg (jackfruit soup), and a lot more.

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Go to Gunung Kidul

Gunung Kidul is another regency, but included into Yogyakarta Province. It has beautiful beaches overlooking the Indian Ocean. It has cave tubing activities, which invite your adrenaline. Come and experience the ancient cave sensation.

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