Belitung Travel Trip

Belitung Travel

Among Indonesians Belitung Island got popularity after the booming Laskar Pelangi novels which were then documented in movies. Laskar Pelangi rooted back its characters life. They lived in a small, beautiful island, and the beauty of the island succeeded to steal viewers’ attention. It was like Belitung is the hot competitor of Bali. It has turquoise blue sea water, white sandy beaches, giant stones nearby the beaches, and all exotic tropical scenes. Not to mention, fresh, delicious seafood!

Do not only lie down on the bench at your resort while you are in Belitung. Do adventurous, memorable activities to get more fun of Belitung travel trip. But, follow below tips to make your trip much more exciting and comfortable.

Belitung Travel

Book your ticket in advance

Choose local airlines. Garuda Indonesia is highly recommended one for the most comfortable flight experience. If you want a cheaper seat, you can take Sriwijaya Air. Go to for further flight deals. is Indonesia’s leading online travel agent where you can book any type of travel accommodations. For an early booking, you can save USD 10 – 20. Booking your ticket in advance doesn’t aim to get the better flight deal solely, but to secure your seat to Belitung, because Belitung is now favorite destination and most flights are fully occupied often.

Specify activities and the tourists’ attractions you want to visit

You might need an island hopping, eat at Mie Atep (Noodle stall) and Warung Kopi Ake (Traditional coffee shop, swim at the Tanjung Tinggi Beach, visit Andrea Hirata Museum –Andrea is the writer of Laskar Pelangi novel, and a lot more.

Rent a car in Belitung

Public transportation is difficult to find in Belitung. Rent a car is the only option if you want to explore the island from one tip to another. Luckily, completes their services with car rental service.

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