Best Budget Vacations in Indonesia

budget travel advice in Yogyakarta

Oh no! It’s difficult to select a few of Indonesia’s best jewels to write here. This country has 17 thousands beautiful islands! Indonesia is not only Bali. More importantly, all parts of the country are best budget vacations in Indonesia. Most of touristic spots are dirt cheap. If you say Bali is great for budget travelers, the other parts of the country are much much cheaper than Bali, for instance, Yogyakarta.

Well, let’s just dig deeper for the best budget vacations in Indonesia.

budget travel advice in Yogyakarta

  1. Yogyakarta

Don’t say beautiful beaches can only be found in Bali. Yogyakarta also has wonderful beaches, particularly in Gunung Kidul region. Here you will enjoy white sand beaches with turqoise sea water and magnificent ocean view. Discovering new beaches can be great alternative than lying down enjoying sunbath. It’s like you are finding your own private beaches. Cave tubing should be included into your itinerary. Foods and drinks are super cheap in Gunung Kidul, even if you eat at the most polished restaurants. Boutique hotels’ rates are completely reasonable.

  1. Banyuwangi

You have to go to Banyuwangi, but should not skip Mount Bromo. This volcanoe is situated on Probolinggo, 3 hours drive from Banyuwangi. Travelers commonly reach this city by train. Get the beautiful sunrise at Mount Bromo and move to the eastern Java, Banyuwangi. This regency offers Teluk Ijo, Baluran National Park, Ijen Crater, Alas Purwo, Sadengan Savannah, G-Land  and many more. Even though you couldn’t camp out in Teluk Ijo, you can feel the refreshing landscape of Ijen. There you will easily find Banyuwangi’s cheap luxury resorts.

  1. North Sumatra

We put it as nominee because travelers have to see Lake Toba. This giant lake is volcanoe lake which is really unique. In the middle of the lake you can see Samosir Island, where the pristine Batak villages are living their life. From Lake Toba you can continue your trip and finish the best budget vacations in Indonesia. Go to Bukit Lawang and experience the true wildlife in the jungle.

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