Best Honeymoon Destinations 2016

best honeymoon destinations 2016

Time after time best honeymoon destinations 2016 are searched by honeymooners to be. Honeymoon is an important part of your wedded life. It is a celebration of your love, a symbol of your new life. You will never be the same person after marriage, because there is someone to ask for his or her advise and consideration in any steps you would make. Start your happy life with an adorable honeymoon experience then.

Which parts of the world to give you the best honeymoon destinations 2016? The list might be long and still counting, for each of you may have dream destination to go. Just add the list and write your comment, now, read on!


best honeymoon destinations 2016

Venice is one of the romantic cities in the world. Lucky you coming here with your beloved wife or husband. The riverside hotels are expensive though. You will have to contend with it. But, believe it. The city of canals, gondolas, and delicious Italian cuisine would fill in the missing puzzles of your life you are searching for long.


Paris is not newcomer in the list of the best honeymoon destinations 2016. This is the city of light. What you would see at night is just romance, quiet ambiance, and fine-dining restaurants.


The royal family came to Maldives. A-list celebrities and socialites came to Maldives. You have to come here then! White sand beaches, blue turqoise sea water, ocean, romance, and both of you. The Madives’ resorts offer extravagant services and top notch amenities. You are in paradise.


Bali would not only give you the beautiful beaches, luxury resorts and spas, breathtaking ocean view, Scuba diving and snorkeling experience, calm and relaxing atmosphere in Ubud, but also great outdoor activities and traditional and cultural performances.

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Old town with great, utterlly brilliant sunsets, delicious foods, and romantic hotels is Santorini. This city was in so many novels and books written by world’s famous writers and novelists. All newly weds want to come here.

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