Booking Hotel Online in Balikpapan

booking hotel online in balikpapan

Right before talking about booking hotel online in Balikpapan we would like to tell you a glimpse of Borneo and the most attractive touristy spots. Come to Borneo. We call it Kalimantan. Two-third of Borneo is owned by Indonesia. Of course, we offer more than other countries perched in Borneo have. We have wide rivers, virgin forest which are ready to steal your courage, bravery and passion.

Our inlanders, Dayak tribes, live in a really traditional, unique, exotic way of life different from you and us who stay in concrete jungle, modern facilities, and streeful life. This is our part of Borneo where the scene of the nature is a complete pristine, the green landscaped forest, fresh athmosphere, birds and insects songs, orangutan’s true habitat, and many more. Words won’t be enough to express the enjoyable holiday in our Borneo.

Of course, you have to join river cruise or Kapal Klothok cruise, for the cheaper rate, to taste the wilderness. There are many spots to start your journey. Each province in Kalimantan offers different destinations. Most of the destinations are associated with the jungle sights and introduction to Dayak tribes still.

booking hotel online in balikpapan

Mahakam river cruise is the most popular choice among tourists. It is caused by the fact that many of places in Kalimantan are inaccessible. You have to transit in so many places before starting your journey. For Mahakam cruise river you don’t need to make the long initial trip. Just go to Balikpapan and contact the tour leader.

Most tourists would stay at Balikpapan for one night or two and enjoy the city’s sights. If you have no idea where to stay, or even have no clues where to book your flight, just go to . Here you can book any types of travel accommodations, including the hotel room reservation in Balikpapan and the flight ticket from Jakarta to Balikpapan.  Booking hotel online in Balikpapan at is easy. Most interestingly, this booking-engine site offers a wide range of hotel choices in Balikpapan.

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