Budget Travel Advice in Bali

budget travel advice in bali

If you have the budget, you don’t need to read all this. Just go booking your flight ticket at Tiket.com, and don’t forget to make hotel room reservation. Bali is full of natural beauties, charms, and interesting spots. Follow your heart, because money is not a big problem for you.

It would be much much different if you are a budget traveler who spends money with smart. You have to find some information here and there to get budget travel advice in Bali. Well, there is a way to travel around the world no matter how you live with your money.

Budget Airline

The biggest portion of your traveling budget will be consumed by the flight fare, especially for tourists from the US or European Countries. Book your ticket in advance. If it is possible, get discounted promo flight. It doesn’t matter to take connecting flight whose longer transit time. Such flight is usually sold at lower prices.


budget travel advice in bali

Find a hostel rather than boutique hotel or resort and villa. Hostel offers much cheaper rates. A clean room in Kuta is usually offered at less than USD 10. The cheapest dormitory room at Gong Corner Hostel is offered at USD 5.23. You can book this room at Tiket.com.

Food Stalls

Balinese foods are all delicious and super cheap. You would consume only USD 6 for each breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the food stalls or streetside restaurants. That includes main dishes, such as chicken served with rice and veggies, noodle soup with meat, a bowl of tropical fruits, a glass of iced tea, black coffee, grilled pork for dinner with a bowl of rice, and local snacks.

Rent A Scooter

This is the incredible tips of budget travel advice in Bali, rent a scooter. You can explore the city’s sights and the other interesting spots in town without breaking your bank.

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