Budget Travel Advice in Indonesia

budget travel advice in Indonesia

Everything in Indonesia is considered dirt cheap. Although high class and premium places and services are also available everywhere, you can easily find super cheap travel accommodations, foods, drinks, and city’s sights. Backpackers hotels or hostels are easy to book with accessible wifi in all rooms. Although you would see fewer dormitory rooms for backpackers compared to the other countries in South East Asia region. Food stalls serve delicious foods and drinks. Shopping lights are abundant. What else do you need?

However, you still need budget travel advice in Indonesia. It is important, for you don’t know where to go to get the super cheap prices, do you? In Indonesia traveling can be really cheap, or it can be quite expensive. It depends on the destination to go. The transportation decides how much money you would spend. Bali would be so much much cheaper than Raja Ampat, because Bali is well established and infrastructures are quite over the top compared to the other islands in the country. As for Raja Ampat the location is hidden. It is kept as exclusive, luxury tourist destination.

budget travel advice in Indonesia


You might be used to the cheap, budget airline. Pay attention that you would not always pay lower to travel from one city to the others, because Indonesia is big. Book online and in advance to get promo flights. Tiket.com is the best booking-engine site to serve you discounted flight rate.

Taking  bus isn’t nightmare. Just climb up the bus and don’t pay to anyone until the bus runs. There will be an attendant who quote a price. For an inter-province bus, there’s a ticket to buy first at the ticket window at the bus terminal.

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All Indonesian foods are super cheap. You have to list it as budget travel advice in Indonesia: eat at warung or food stalls which serve the locals. Restaurants and cafes would tag their menu at higher prices.

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