Cozy Restaurants in Bogor

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Jakarta people usually go to Bagor for short break since it is the nearest mountain area from the Capital City. There are plenty attactions offered here, not only Puncak but also its culinary tour. For you who love cozy and unique place while enjoying delicious food, Bogor is recommended.

Luxury and tranquility will welcome you as you enter Lemongrass restaurant. It is suitable for business and romantic diner but nice enough for casual meeting as well. Located in North Bogor, Lemongrass is reachable within merely 1 hour drive from Jakarta withiut traffic. With kopitiam concept, Lemongrass offer unique sensation for culinary tourists. Laksa Singapore is best recommended menu here.

Cimory Riverside View
Like its name, the restaurant is located at the riverside. While eating, you can anjoy the clear green water flowing below and green hill covering the scenery. The homy place is suitable for almost every occassion, including family diner, business, hanging out with friends, etc. Note that the restaurant targets middle to higher class customers so prepare your bucks. Anyway, it is recommended for you to taste sausage menus.

Ah Poong
It is a unique food court with floating-restaurant concept. You can eat inside the foodcourt as well because there are not many boats available. Hovewer, the view is as fantastic as its cooks. Es serut and tissue prata are the two best selling menus here.

Death by Chocolate
Its dark and thrilling concept creates uniqueness. Death by chocolate will bring you to american horror theme yet it is cozy place to hang out. Try a dessert called Death by Chocolate. The chocolate is rich and has smooth texture to taste.

Great Sufing Spots in Indonesia

Kedai Kita
Located in Central Bogor, Kedai Kita offers various foods from Italian, Javanese, and Chinese food. However, try to avoid weekend to visit. It is usually crowded and so it takes longer service. The best recommended menu is ifumi hotplate cost below IDR 40K. With homy and simple concept, Kedai Kita is suitable for family supper or lunch break.

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