Downtown Trip to Semarang

trip to semarang

If you visit Yogyakarta or Solo, do not miss to take a trip to Semarang. The capital city of Central Java seems to have nothing to offer, but if you look closer, you can get unforgettable experience of trip here.
Kota Lama Semarang is the most common place for walking around. With the unique art deco buildings in it, no wonder that photographers love this place. Blenduk Church is the iconic building in Kota Lama. You can walk through the alleys or rent bicycle here. There are also cosplayers dressed in colonial era costumes. To take their pictures, you need to pay at least IDR 5000.

After taking lots of pictures, why not try culinary tour at Semawis in Semarang China Town? It is about one kilometer from the heart of Kota Lama. Here, you can taste chinese food ads wel as indonesian food in feasible price. Your exhaustion will fade as you feel the warmth of the surroundings, with chatters and culinary travellers.

trip to semarang

Heading to downtown, there is the famous Lawang Sewu. It is suggested to visit here at night. Why? This place has spooky-yet-challenging ghost storues that will make your trip mor eunforgettable. As for its mysteriousness, so you must be accompanied by Lawang Sewu guide. Make sure that you wear appropriate outfit and behave yourself here. Lawang Sewu is also asuch a photogenic place. You can do selfie at one of its balcony, or take some pictures of its architecture.

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Not far from Lawang Sewu, you will arrive at Sam Poo Kong temple. It is Kong Hu Chu temple, with exquisite sculptures in there. Walking around here makes you feel like inside of ancient Chinese palace.
Heading to Southern part of Semarang, there is Gedong Songo Temple. Its cool weather and calm atmosphere is such a good place for relax your mind. You can also ride horse to reach one temple to another.

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