Flights to Borneo and Enjoy the Exotic Jungle, Travel Down the Rivers

flights to borneo

Two-thirds of Borneo is called Kalimantan. It is owned by Indonesian. The island has abundant natural resources which have been exploited, but the ancient forest remained uncovered. It is home to the Dayak tribes. They still live like hundreds years ago, hunting wild pigs with spears and bamboo blowpipes. Boats are the main transportation in Kalimantan due to the area of this island is dominated by wide rivers and rain forest. Many villages are accessible only by boat.

River Cruise

flights to borneo

Kalimantan offers great experience of touristy exploration. One of the best ways of doing this is by taking cruise journey. You will travel down the river and see the forested landscape, Borneo’s orangutan and the exotic Dayak culture. You will get off of the boat and have overland tours when visiting the mystical Dayak culture. They stay in longhouses. Their music and dance would let you feel the truly inland culture. They are far away from cities and crowd.

Kapal Klothok

Alternatively, you can hire Kapal Klothok to experience the same great adventure like you saw in Anaconda movie. Yes, you will travel in Kalimantan, taking smaller boat and penetrate the smaller cavity of the forest where bigger cruise couldn’t reach. Orangutan may perch and break into the deck of your boat.

However, how can you reach Borneo from Jakarta? You would never find nonstop flights or even connecting flights from your country to Borneo. You should stop in Jakarta to get easier flight access to Borneo.

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Take Flights to Borneo

Each province in Kalimantan offers jungle tours, orangutan and river tours, or jungle creeks to Dayak villages. You can start your journey in Balikpapan, Pangkalan Bun, Pontianak, Tanjung Selor, or Banjarmasin. For the best Borneo holiday, you can choose Central Kalimantan or East Kalimantan journey. You can take flights to Borneo from Jakarta and choose Jakarta to Balikpapan or Jakarta to Palangka Raya route.

The cheapest flights to Borneo from Jakarta is offered by Citilink. This is exactly a Jakarta-Balikpapan flight. You have to pay for IDR 586.300 for one seat. As for Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun flight, the cheapest ticket is tagged at IDR 638.000. There is one airline to take you from Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun. That is Kalstar Airline.

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