Fun Activities at the Beach

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Having vacation at the beach is one of pleasure in your leisure time. You can see the vast horizon and feel the wind blows and breathe the fresh air. Many beaches are not yet well-known, so it will give you another travelling experience. Beaches surrounded with cliff often offer breathtakib panorama seen from atop. Here are some fun activities during your vacation at the beach.

Watching sunset and sunrise
Sunset attraction is usually offered by beaches heading to the west. In the afternoon, the air is less hot but you still can feel the warmth on the sand. Take your footwear off and have a relaxing sit along the seashore. Sunset have dark reddish gradation as the sun goes down in the horizon. You can also see venus star after the darkness takes over the day. Sunrise is best watched when the beach is facing to the east side and your location is near enough from the beach. Another alternative is by camping so can manage to get up early and see the sunrise.

Many beaches are open for camping or even specialized in camping ground. They usually located at the beaches where you can watch both sunset and sunrise. But commonly people go camping for enjoying mild evening air and sunrise. At night you can make campfire, having barbecue, taking pictures, and enjoying the starry night sky.

Adrenaline junkies must love this, especially when the beach offers challenging waves. Some beaches hold surfing competition and festival during some period of year. You can also learn to surf from the experts, usually at the beach with less high tide. Surfing is great for refreshing and putting aside your problem.31

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Playing Volley and soccer
But be careful of the strong wind which may blow your ball away. Anyway, playing volley or soccer is best done when you’re visiting beach in groups. People usually do it for fun and they even modify the rules as unique as possible. You must play soccer, for instance, by wearing sarong.

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