Raja Ampat Trip Trivia

raja ampat trip

Trip to Raja Ampat is easier nowadays as the place gains more popularity. When you visits Indonesian tourism websites, Raja Ampat one of the most wanted place to visit. No wonder that there are many and more trip package to the Western Papua paradise.

There is no flight directly to Raja Ampat. Otherwise, you have to transit in Sorong before continuing your journey to Raja Ampat. Jakarta, Manado, and Makassar are the most common starting point to fly to Sorong. After you get to Sorong, you can choose to go to Raja Ampat by air or by ferry.

raja ampat trip

Solo backpackers (especially international tourists) are welcome to visit. You may meet the fellow solo travelers along the way and then you can share cost of the accomodation. Overall, trip budget to Raja Ampat is affordable enough for foreign tourists. It is because Indonesian currency is usually lower than dollar currencies like USD or SGD. That is why there are not so many domestic tourists go to Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat consists of several atols which you can hike and enjoy the scenery from atop. Island hopping is a must activity during your trip to Raja Ampat.

What else? Of course, do not forget to swim, snorkel, and dive while you are here. Its clean water is absolutely fresh and you will see rich biodiversity.

If you are staying at non-luxury homestay or hotel, it is recommended to put anti-mosquito lotion all over your skin. You can also camp at some spots in Raja Ampat and enjoy atarry night with shining moon over your head.

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However, Raja Ampat is closed to visit every now and then for its biodiversity conservation. You can check the available time when Raja Ampat is open for visitors at Indonesian tourism websites or special website about Raja Ampat.

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