The Best Surfing Spots in Indonesia

sipora island

Talking about surfing in Indonesia, most Indonesians must remember Bali. But with the longest coastal area in the world, Indonesia has numerous wonderful surfing spots you have to try. Here are some recommended places to challenge your adrenaline.

Sipora Island, West Sumatra
It is located at Mentawai Islands. This spot is famous among foreigners and even listed as 20 best surfing spots in the world according to CNN. Fresh water and wild wave are the marvelous combination for challenge lovers. The best time to visit is during April-October.

Nias, North Sumatra
Most Indonesian knows Nias for its rock jumping attraction, but foreign surfers say it is the best surfing spot. You can do almost any kind of surfing experimentation here. Surfers from any level of proficiency are allowed to surf here. The wave is great and clear. Besides, Nias is adjacent to other attractions in north Sumatra like Danau Toba.

Nihiwatu Island, East Nusa Tenggara
The island belongs to a resort company so the surrounding is well-managed. Besides its panorama beauty, the wave is well-known as Left God Waves. It is unquestioningly challenging. However, the management only allow teb surfers per day to keep the privacy of the island. After surfing, you can lounge on the seashore enjoying the clear turquoise water as well as the smooth white sand.

Fun Activities at The Beach

Kampar River, Riau
Kampar River has unique phenomenon called Bono waves. The waves are created because of the encounter between river and sea tide. The good news is the wave can be four up to five meters of height. If you want to surf here, wait until August 10-20 each year especially during full moon. You may as well see 21 waves in a row. But be careful of the wild current and estuary crocodiles.

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