Tiket.com Your Best Booking Hotel Online in Makassar

booking hotel online in makassar

Booking hotel online in Makassar can be done when you even haven’t stepped your feet into the airport of the city. This also can happen when you have stayed at one hotel in the city, but you find no comfort and good amenities and want to move to another better hotel. You don’t need to drag your bags from one hotel to another. Just go to Tiket.com and search for the best hotel that meets your taste and budget. Don’t forget to check the hotel reviews amongst travelers who visited Makassar.

booking hotel online in makassar

Because Makassar is a big city, one of the biggest in Indonesia, you would never find it difficult to get the best hotel you want. Most of the best hotels even offer sea view for visitors. Popular hotel chains come to the city, and thus you would never find it hard to get better hotel amenities. You will get what you pay for. Unless backpackers who want to stay at hostels or guesthouses. You have to check the room before deciding to check in. But, wait. Fortunately, Tiket.com offers a wide range of kinds of hotel at their site. Don’t go to the guesthouses, Red Planet is here! You only have to pay for IDR 255.814 per night for one room with free wifi access, but breakfast isn’t included.

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From the Red Planet hotel room the view of Makassar is served. What makes it more interesting is the hotel is steps to city buzz and crowd. Enjoying the best of Makassar’s foods is even easy. Don’t skip Coto Makassar and Konro, Pisang Epek, Pisang Ijo Ice, Sop Saudara and many more.

What will you do in Makassar then? Do not only eat and eat. After booking hotel online in Makassar, make a list of activities you would do there. Also, arrange your itinerary. Makassar has a lot of places to visit. Losari beach is the must-visited one at the afternoon. It has stunning sunset!

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