Tips for Choosing Budget Hotels in Bali

Budget Hotels in Bali

Staying in Bali is always wonderful, even when you are in business trip. With its unique culture and warm atmosphere, Bali makes everybody feel like home. Being in Bali is never boring. When it comes to choosing budget hotels in this Island of Gods, make sure you consider the following tips.

Do some research in advance
Bali is an Island filled with cottages, bungallows, villas, hotels, motels, and any other kinds of accommodations. Consequently, the more choices you have, the more confused you will be. So, if you have decided when to go to Bali, then the next step is doing some research to find the most suitable hotels. You can do it online, by visiting hotel reviews and comparing the price. Discuss with your friends when you are about to choose. Ask people who often travel there. They may give you some useful advice and contact person of the best hotels.

Consider the Location
Make sure that the hotel location is near to your destination or has easy transportation access. By doing this, you can save more money for more important things. Once again, do some research to make sure that the location is save. Some areas in Bali is well-known for its criminal cases. It’s usually located far from crowd and has limited public transportation access. Some people there often think that all foreigners are rich so they may targetted you as the victim. Hotels near to government officials or police office are usually safe enough.

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Pay Attention to the facility
It’s important to stay at a hotel with sufficient facility. It means that the facility offered is suitable with the price you have to pay. You should be suspicious when there’s expensive hotel only provide the so-so facility. So does cheap hotels. You should beware when there’s hotel with cheap fare offering luxurious facility. Even though it’s marked as “promo,” but if the fare is quite cheap beyond the promo usually offered, you better look for any other hotel.

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