Travel Bandung: Shopping, Shopping, and Shopping

Travel Bandung

Bandung has nice weather. It’s not as hot as other big cities in Indonesia due to its location which is relatively perched at a highland. This city has a lot of colleges, and it makes life there seems to be more crowded and busy compared to its surrounds. Young people make the economy be progressive. Food stalls are everywhere, culinary centers are everywhere! Most importantly, all foods and snacks sold there are extreme delicious. They have batagor, bajigur, siomay, meatballs, satay, gado-gado, Sundanese menu with nasi bakar, and a lot more.

Factory outlets

Factory outlets make Bandung even more crowded and hectic. Most of the factory outlets sell imported, luxury, branded items at affordable prices, and everyone is attracted to own those beautiful things, while they don’t need to spend a lot of money. Local tourists come to Bandung to shop at the factory outlets. The center of the outlets is Jalan Juanda.

Travel Bandung

Wholesale Centers

Singaporeans and Malaysians love to come to Bandung to shop at the city’s wholesale centers. Some of the most Bandung’s popular wholesale centers are Pasar Baru Trade Center, Cibaduyut, Cihampelas Walk, Gang Tamim, Cigondewah Trade Center, Binong Jati, and many more. Most of the trade centers sell garment products, bags, shoes, and t-shirts.

You might not need to shop a lot of t-shirts, but get one at a very reasonable price is amazing. You have to haggle and haggle to get the cheapest price.

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Lembang and Tangkuban Perahu

You have to try Bandung natural charms and enjoy the beautiful views. Go to Tangkuban Perahu. A lot of people have been there, and of course you have to. Tangkuban Perahu us a giant stratovolcano. The view from up there is beautiful. You should hike or ride to the edge of the crater and see the hot water springs up close.

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