Trend of Trip to Bandung 2016

trip to bandung 2016

Even we are entering the mid of 2016, it is not too late to talk about trip trend this year, is it? Bandung is among of those suggestions for trend of trip 2016. Compared to other adjacent areas like Jakarta or Yogyakarta, Bandung has cooler weather. No wonder that Bandung is a favorite place for people from Jakarta and Singapore.

Well, Bandung as Paris van Java has a lot to offer, from culinary tour to nature trip. You can find almost any kind of attractions here. Surrounded with colleges and technology institutes, Bandung is such a perfect blend of industrial, education, and travel city. Finding the right accomodation and travel agents here is easy matter.

trip to bandung 2016

Going to Bandung is mostly about shopping. Shoppaholics must love Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk), Dago, Cibaduyut, and Paris van Java. You can shop for ages there. There are various items sold in affordable price and most of them are customized. So you do not need to worry about having similar items with others. Factory outlets are along the street at those shopping centers. You can shop not only for yourself but also for your family and relatives as well.

Trip to Bandung is also about going to theme park. Try Trans Studio and Dusun Bambu. They have different concepts. The previous is like Dufan in Jakarta, while the later is like outdoor activity attraction. Enjoy canoeing and balloon riding at Dusun Bambu.

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Do not forget to visit Lembang. There are Boscha telescope and De’ Ranch. Great place for educational yet fun trip. Want some relaxation, just go to flower park at Lembang.

Tebing Keraton and Bukit Moko are also popular place in Bandung. Refresh your mind among pine trees and seeing Bandung from atop. Not far from Bukit Moko, there is Stone Garden which looks like Middle-Age film background.

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