Trip to Bunaken Overview

trip to bunaken

Talking about Bunaken is such an endless saga. To sum up, trip to Bunaken is undoubtedly not far from diving, snorkeling, and any other water activites. But if you do not feel like to dive, snorkel, or get into the water, you can simply walk around or play volleyball or soccer on the beach.

Or you can just cruising the sea by boat and enjoy Bunaken marine exoticism. Even from the boat you can still see underwater life. Its crystal clear water makes you feel relaxed and refreshed.

trip to bunaken

Trip to Bunaken is such a paradise for divers. You will be spoiled with the view of colorful coral as well as other sea creatures. Its calm current allows you to dive deeper and deeper even about 1600 meters. Rare fish and underwater creatures await in the deep.

Underwater photography is absolutely a must. You even make it for your special occasions, be it anniversary, independence day, or even pre wedding. You will not run out of great angles while taking pictures.

Other islets like Manado Tua, Nain and Nain Kecil, Siladen, and Montehagen are available for you to take a break. You can enjoy sunset or sunbathing at the beaches or simply enjoy the seafood and do campfire at night.

Homestays and hotels are available in Bunaken itself and Manado Tua Island. There are usually luxury bungalows and resorts with stunning beach view. Bacpackers can also have access to feasible accomodation in Bunaken Island. The good news is, you can cancel your booking in the last minutes without charge. Just be sure you know where the economical place to stay.

Enough for diving, snorkelling, and beachy activities? You can climb Manado Tua Volcano. It is not as hardcore as Rinjani or Semeru but it is fun to trek along Manado Tua Volcano.

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